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Tokyo Station

Sake Brewery




August 3rd, 2020
A Sake brewery has opened at Tokyo Station

We are the only one sake brewery inside the station in the world. All the sake brewing processes, from washing rice, steaming rice, making Koji, fermentation, bottling, and Hiire carries out in a small 22.8㎡ brewery.


Through the glass window, you can see three 256L tanks lined up on the concourse side. The fermentation tank is usually 5000-10000L, so it is about 1/20 of the size. The inside of the tank has a multi-layer structures, which enables strict temperature control. Each tank is named TYO (Tokyo), NYC (New York), LON (London), and the names of cities around the world. In these tanks, doburoku ferments for about 20 days, and sake ferments for about 25 days.

You can see Koshiki from the small window on the backside of the brewery. It is an electric Koshiki, and the inside has four layers; we can steam 10 kg of rice at each layer and a total of 40 kg at a time. In addition to steaming rice, we can use it for various processes, such as the Hiire process.  




There are various methods for making doburoku, but at the Tokyo Station Sake Brewery, we make doburoku the same method for sake, which is said to be three-stage brewing. As a result, our doburoku has a smooth mouthfeel, a good balance of sweetness and refreshing acidity, and an alcohol content of 7%, making it easy to drink. Even for those who drink doburoku for the first time, the taste is easy to understand and simply delicious! 

Ingredients: Rice, Rice Koji

​Alcohol content:7 %

* The rice used may differ depending on the tanks. Currently, "Yamadanishiki" and "Nanatsuboshi" are used.

* A small amount of Nama-doburoku is served at the tasting bar. All products sold in bottles are Hiire.

* The product is labeled BEST BEFORE because we want you to consume it as soon as possible, but it is not the expiration date.

Seasonal Fruits Doburoku

Peach doburoku is on sale from June 21st ,2021!

Doburoku made with seasonal fruits juice has a modest alcohol content of 5% and is easy to drink, with the slight sweetness of the fruits and the acidity of the doburoku. It tastes like drinking yogurt.

2022 summer  - Peach Doburoku

2022 summer  - Mango Doburoku (limited)

2022 autumn  - Apple Doburoku

2023 winter  - Mikan Doburoku 

2023 summer  - Peach Doburoku

Ingredients: Sake, Fruits juice

​Alcohol content:5 %


* The product is labeled BEST BEFORE because we want you to consume it as soon as possible, but it is not the expiration date.



​For decades in Japan, the idea of ​​allowing a new brewing license was unprecedented. At Tokyo Station Sake Brewery, we brew sake by acquiring sake brewing license. First production of sake started in early June 2021, and the pressing is scheduled for late July. You can check the status of the progress on the official Instagram.

Trial #1 Nama (23rd July, 2021)
Trial #1 Hiire
Trial #2 Nama
 (14th December, 2021)

Trial #3 Nama (6th December, 2022)

Trial #4 Nama (8th December, 2023)

Ingredients:Rice, Rice Koji

Type of rice:Yamadanishiki ( wash-free rice )
Rice milling :Milled to 60%

Type of yeast:Kyokai #9

​Alcohol content:15 %

​Fermentation period:on going

* At the Tokyo Station Brewery, we use specially processed wash-free rice. It is because it can help us carry our washing rice process in a limited space, as well as we only need a small amount of water to rinse rice. 


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